Strong as a Mother

Mother hats is a movement dedicated to empowering mothers and reminding them about their incredible strength. In a world where mothers often juggle countless responsibilities with grace and determination, Mother Hats offers a moment of recognition and appreciation. It’s a way to honor the amazing women who give so much of themselves every day. 

Designed by a mom who wants to normalize that “being a mom is hard”, and to create a community where moms feel strong, beautiful and confident. In addition, 10% of proceeds go to mothers in need.



  • We are committed to providing high quality products

  • Each item is made with intention and moms in mind.

  • 10% of our proceeds go to support mothers in need.
Quality Hats + Apparel

Using only the highest quality fabrics. Designed, printed and embroidered in the USA.

Made with Intention

Designed with both style and intention, featuring empowering slogans and designs that resonate with the unique experiences of motherhood.

Giving Back

10% of proceeds are donated to nonprofits who support mothers in need.